On Demand Webinars

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Your favorite streaming service isn’t the only place with content on-demand. Just Breathe will release a psychoeducational webinar specific to your needs and stressors that you can enjoy on your own schedule every other Sunday.

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Navigating Relationships During Covid-19

In this presentation, Dr. Melissa Boudin, Psy.D., Clinical Director at Choosing Therapy, will discuss various issues that couples have been forced to navigate throughout the pandemic and provide coping strategies and techniques to help you and your partner maintain a healthy relationship either at home or long distance.

In this free, 60-minute webinar from Mental Health America, you'll learn how to:

- Identify common issues and stressors many couples are dealing with throughout the pandemic

- Discuss coping strategies to effectively manage various issues

- Learn how online couples counseling can serve as a tool during this particularly challenging time to help you and your partner work through issues you’re currently facing

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Where Socialization Matters

Managing Loneliness during COVID-19

Learn more about the health risks associated with loneliness and the benefits of social connections by Anita Ridolfo, MA. In this free webinar from nonprofit Health New England you can find out ways to decrease loneliness and foster social connections to enhance your well-being.


Just Breathe

Low moods and feeling stuck are natural experiences of the human condition. And while many of us are acclimating to the "new normal," the COVID pandemic has taken quite a toll on emotional and physical health. This month's webinar focuses on presenting practical skills for managing low moods.