Coronaversary Week: What was #TheMoment for you?

This week is "Coronaversary" Week. The World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on 3/11/20, What a peculiar year this has been.

Last March all around the world, there was still so much unknown about the coronavirus and tons of uncertainty about how life would look in two weeks — let alone one year later. All the "normal" things we took for granted became unsafe and possibly even harmful; so much was stripped away so quickly. NPR Weekend Edition host Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked her Twitter followers to use #TheMoment to share when they realized that things were going to be different — where they were and what they were thinking when they realized that a shift was happening. So I'm stealing her idea.

We all have #TheMoment when we knew things were going to be different.

For me, #TheMoment was at my office; I went through this absurd thought process about what items I needed to bring home as I knew I would not be stepping foot back in the physical space for some unknown amount of time. It sort of felt like that rhetorical activity where someone asks you what items you'd grab first if your house was on fire. I ended up with the DSM5, my keyboard, a favorite pen, and mini Murray with a top hat figurine!!

What was #TheMoment you knew the pandemic was changing life for you as you knew it? Where were you and what were you thinking a year ago?

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