Ida, I don't.

Here we are again, as a community, recovering from more disaster. Plus we are still managing COVID on top of this. I asked my 72 year old dad, who is displaced at my house, what the first feeling is that comes up for him when thinking of this situation. With no hesitation, he said:


Just what we need, more uncertainty, right? I sit here writing this in my home with power and air conditioning, and I feel grateful, but also guilty. It's like a survivor's guilt, or it's comparative suffering, or it's both. I'm also really tired, freaking angry that so many people are suffering, and kind of disoriented, like time is all out of sorts. What day even is it?

How are all of you? Those of you who can even read this? I hope you are well; I hope you're hanging in there. If you're reading this, take this as a reminder to breathe, pay attention to attention itself, wiggle your toes, relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw, and search for gratitude even for the smallest thing you can find. It might go a long way.☮💛🙏

Wishing you all peace, power, health, and safety,


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