MLK and the Day Off

As I sit on this Sunday and anticipate the week ahead, I find myself feeling so grateful for the day off tomorrow. I know ya'll can relate; we are all so tired. And then that feeling is immediately followed by thoughts of the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. As I myself gradually (and also quickly!) approach the age he was at his death, I feel awe struck at what he achieved during his short time on the planet. Here we are almost a century after MLK's birth, and we still have much work to do working toward the civil rights dream he shared with us. So I am indeed grateful for the day off tomorrow, but I thank him for beginning the blaze of the long trail. Below is a poem by Lucille Clifton, in honor of the day and the sentiment.

Won't You Celebrate with Me

Lucille Clifton

won't you celebrate with me

what I have shaped into

a kind of life? I had no model

born in babylon

both nonwhite and woman

what did I see to be except myself?

i made it up

here on this bridge between

starshine and clay

my one hand holding tight

my other hand; come celebrate

with me that everyday

something has tried to kill me

and has failed

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