OBH, You are Appreciated

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day. So I sat thinking about gratitude. And I went to Google, because I'm a Millennial and this is practically involuntary at this point, and because I was curious about the formal dictionary definition of appreciation.

Here it is.

Definition of appreciate

transitive verb a: to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of

b: to value or admire highly

c: to judge with heightened perception or understanding : be fully aware of

d: to recognize with gratitude

As employees of OBH, I hope you might pause today and consider how this definition applies to you and the meaningful work you do. I can say from my short time with all of you, the admiration is real. You are a warm, thoughtful, and present group of humans, and I very much consider it a privilege to interact with you all.

You do challenging work. You see everything, and you see it through a lens of generosity and caring; and this is remarkable. Here's to perpetual thanksgiving to all of you.

Treat yourself this weekend; you deserve it.

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