Rest well, friend.

I understand that your coworker David was an effortlessly effervescent fixture in your OBH family and the void he has left is profound. And you may not know exactly what to do with the sadness you're feeling right now. I can't fathom what it's truly like to lose a friend of 30+ years, but I imagine for many of you, you're likely finding yourself in that dark place, a place of sorrow,, of shock and of yearning. The tiny thread of hope I see is the outstanding OBH community and my confidence that you are unquestionably surrounded by each other's love, light, and support.

It's my job to remind you that the suffering you're experiencing is natural, real, and valid, regardless of how it looks and in comparison to others. There is no right way to grieve. Grief is raw. It's both individual and universal.

Here are some resources for you to consider as you navigate your way through this incredible loss together, witnessing one another's grief:

  1. The Grief Recovery Center in Baton Rouge offers individual, couples, and group counseling with a specialty in grief responses:

  2. Quick article on how to cope with loss from Mental Health America:

  3. What's Your Grief Podcast: Grief Support for Those Who Like to Liste‪n: this podcast demystifies the complicated grieving process. Covering topics ranging from grief theory, to expectations, to coping strategies, the podcast can be useful for the bereaved as well as those who work with or love them.

  4. Grief is like a ball in a box:

  5. The 7 best online grief support groups online:

  6. Suicide prevention hotline and chat:

Be patient with yourself, express your feelings, surround yourself with loving people, and take active intentional care of yourself. And as always, just breathe.

Rest peacefully, David.

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