The Healthy Men Project from Baton Rouge General: it's FREE!

You probably know at least one guy in your life – a husband, friend or brother -- who tries to handle health issues on their own, no matter what, or just ignores them altogether. They may even think that seeing a doctor is a sign of weakness. (This even has a nickname: the superhero syndrome!) Sound familiar? Baton Rouge General is encouraging men to be more proactive about their health and set goals that work for them, wherever they are health-wise. We’re kicking off The Healthy Men Project with an event at BRG’s Bluebonnet campus on Saturday, July 24 from 8-11 a.m. The free event will combine the “need-to-do” stuff like health screenings and Ask the Expert stations with some “fun-to-do” stuff, including climbing demos, bloody Mary and vodka tastings, putting and batting contests, door prizes, and more. Men who attend the kick-off event will get free screenings to get a baseline of where they are:

  • Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Test

  • Skin Spot Check

  • Grip Strength and Balance Assessments

  • Body Fat % Scale and Waist Circumference Check

Local businesses participating in the kick-off event include New Balance Baton Rouge, Williamson Eye Center, Uptown Climbing and Matador Vodka. Matt Moscona host of After Further Review ESPN 104.5 FM will also be on hand at the event.

Get more info and register here

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