Virtual Christmas Ideas

Looking for new holiday traditions? Here are some fun ideas!

1. Grab some to-go hot cocoa and members of your household and drive around to nearby neighborhoods taking in the lights and décor.

2. Plan to prepare a simple family recipe (or create a new one) concurrently with family members who can’t be with you in person. Schedule a virtual call, and share the first bite together.

3. Have a Netflix party movie night virtually with friends and family and tune into your favorite holiday movies.

4. Virtually share slideshow photos of pics of all your décor.

5. Schedule a group zoom call and play Christmas themed word or trivia games together. There are endless ideas for games online!

6. Share a hilarious Christmas memory – Give everyone 5 minutes to think of and write down something hilarious that’s happened to them during past holidays. If it’s embarrassing, you can easily make it anonymous!

7. Christmas karaoke! There is a site that makes this easy, called Sync Video.

8. Virtual Secret Santa—put a strict budget on gifts and pull names out of a hat that include addresses. Use your favorite online store to send anonymously.

9. Virtual Christmas crafting: create paper trees, snowflakes, or other creative outlet virtually.

10. Bake and decorate cookies virtually. Compare and contrast your creations and judge based on taste and presentation!

Have other ideas? Share them with us in the chat feature or in the Breakroom!

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